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The Insignia is looking for individuals who have that service propensity to do things in an individualized way, depending upon each person’s unique needs. They need to have an ability to deliver on the unexpressed needs of guests, and to get it right every time.

The INSIGNIA allows employees the freedom to ensure each guest has what it needs to make their stay amazing. This level of empowerment encourages them to find ways to make that customer experience extraordinary – and fosters pride in the organization among employees.

After being hired, employee development will continue to be a priority in order for our employees to thrive. We will define employees based on what they do well rather than what they are poor at doing. It will be important to monitor and let them know what they do well and how those strengths align with the values of our hotel.

The INSIGNIA prides itself on an open and accepting workplace attitude that spills over into how it treats guests. Our philosophy is simple: We take care of our ambassadors so that they can take care of our guests.

Be where excellence is.


The following positions are now hiring:

Executive Housekeeper
Job Description (PDF)
Application Form (PDF)


Please send resumes to [email protected]